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What an awesome, awesome day. Had a blast.

Started off with a phone interview for local radio show “Jonesy and Amanda” on WSFM. Here’s the audio:

Then down on the plane to Melbourne and The Project offices at the Channel 10 studios. The afternoon was full of meetings and makeup and then rehearsals and, before I knew it, we were on the air!

The Project studio
The Project studio

The show itself is available on the show’s website. If you’re outside Australia you’ll need to find an Oz proxy. This may be an option worth trying.

I’ve had a massive amount of feedback. Thank you everyone. Well, almost everyone – some people seem to have found it outrageous that *SHOCK HORROR* a Christian should have been on the show.Β The reply, however, pretty much sums that issue up… πŸ™‚ :

A couple of people have written their thoughts:

Kind words. Thanks guys.

Finally, a massive thanks to everyone who made the whole experience so enjoyable; masses of people including hosts, producers, camera peeps, publicists, promo people, techie guys and an awesome runner!


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  1. Cameron Spink

    Can’t help feeling a little disappointed.
    Not in your showing, which was all it could be in the circumstances.
    You had basically one opportunity to enunciate the Gospel and you took it.
    Else wise you weren’t given much leniency to delve into matters of real importance.
    Considering the election is around the corner and the other panelists were aware that you are an Anglican priest it seemed as if it would be sensible to ask you about even one matter of relevance, be it the Wikileaks party’s disturbing abortion policy, the ongoing debate about the most “compassionate” policy regarding asylum seekers or even Kevin Rudd’s promise to meddle in marriage if re-elected (or elected for a 2nd time after a break?).
    The Project has proven to be increasingly hostile to conservative voices. Perhaps not as much as some of the shows on the ABC but maybe that merely has to do with a lack of Doctorates.
    It was a brave decision to sit in the hot seat while the other panelists made several sexual references and derogatory remarks. You acquitted yourself well and presented the Gospel. Having heard you on The Dividing Line I am saddened that the Australian public couldn’t hear more of your valuable opinion.


    Cameron Spink

    1. David Ould

      hi Cameron,

      To be fair, the format leaves very little space for the kind of interaction I know some would have liked.
      I was very grateful for the experience and opportunity and you should know that if there is any sense of the show being ‘hostile’ to conservative voices then I didn’t really see it on the day – on the contrary, I experienced a genuine desire by many to understand where I was coming from in far more depth. Can’t really say more than that publicly but I’m gently confident that there’s still an opportunity in our national conversation to make those spaces for proper dialogue. It does, however, rely on the will of program makers to look beyond stereotypes but I think it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that such a will exists.

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