Living with the Enemy

On 3 September 2014 I appeared in the SBS Documentary “Living with the Enemy“, dealing with the topic of “gay marriage”. Here are the articles I’ve written about the show and related issues and a list on the right of the wider media interest in the show and a bit of the latest twitter action.

#LWTE Interview with ACL “Political Spot”

This morning I gave a brief interview to the Australian Christian Lobby‘s Daniel Simon on my #LWTE experience. “Anglican Minister David Ould talks about Living With The Enemy” Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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Hope 103.2 Interview

Here’s the video from my interview with Hope 103.2’s (a Christian radio station in Sydney) Katrina Roe. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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Living With the Enemy #LWTE – some first reflections on the show

So what to say? I woke up this morning to an inbox full of responses; facebook tags, twitter responses and a number of emails. Some of it’s great to read, a lot of it encouraging, and sadly a few bits that don’t understand the irony of the accusation of “hatred” given how it’s delivered. So […]

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Sex, Marriage and the Gospel. “Living with the Enemy” sermon

It’s hard when you only hear a few brief snippets to really understand what somebody believes. In particular, one verse has been touted around a lot in the publicity and show. But sometimes hearing the context it’s spoken in can be helpful. Here’s the full audio of the sermon featured in my episode of Living […]

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#LWTE – Tomorrow’s Media Schedule

The last few days have been fairly hectic with a good number of radio interviews and prerecords. Here’s what Wednesday’s schedule looks like if you have any interest. from 6:30am AEST, live with 774 ABC in Melbourne. You can listen online here. possibly from 7am AEST, The Dividing Line live webcast (U.S. Reformed Baptist) From around 7:50am AEST, live with 891 […]

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#LWTE in the smh – more than Big Brother?

fascinating article in today’s smh by Bridget McManus, “SBS’ Living with the Enemy v Nine’s Big Brother: who needs enemies?” exploring where Living with the Enemy fits into the “reality TV” spectrum, In an ironic twist of parallel programming, the reality show that started it all returns to our screens just as a local documentary series […]

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Christianity in Public Debate? 3 – Throwing Out the Good Friend

for part 1 (The Rejection of Democracy) see here. for part 2 (Vox Populi, Vox Dei? – the voice of the people is the voice of God?) see here. Having argued that any insistence upon the removal of Christianity from the public decision-making process is undemocratic (as the silencing of any voice is) and unrepresentative […]

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#LWTE Telling the Story or Storytelling?

I love a good rewrite. Putting a new twist on a story is a great bit of creativity. As long as your audience appreciate that that’s what you’re doing. On an unrelated matter ( 😉 ), SBS have launched the webpages for Living with the Enemy with the following header image: I’m genuinely intrigued by this. […]

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Christianity in Public Debate? 2 – vox populi, vox Dei?

edit/update: on reflection, I think the language of “silencing” here could be improved. Perhaps “excluding from decision making” is closer to what I’m trying to communicate. for part 1 (The Rejection of Democracy) see here. Our second response to the desire to silence religious voices in public and legislative debate is built upon part 1 where […]

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Christianity in Public Debate? 1 – the rejection of democracy

I can’t be the only Christian who’s been told “Religion has no place in politics”. It’s a widely-held view, and one expressed to me most recently by a journalist from a national newspaper whilst interviewing me for the upcoming “Living with the Enemy” (“LWTE”). Here in Australia there has been criticism of Prime Minister Tony […]

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#LWTE interview with Eternity Newspaper

Spoke this morning to Eternity newspaper about Living with the Enemy. Presumably ‘changing views’ isn’t why you signed up to this – particularly at least not to change your own view. What did you want the ‘other side’, as the documentary portrays it, to hear from you? I’m not sure that I wanted them to […]

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First Big Media Run for #LWTE – and a thought about smiling

  Today, SBS begain their media promotion of the upcoming Living with the Enemy show that I filmed in January. News Limited got first bite of the cherry with the online news site running an article entitled “Living with The Enemy on SBS puts gay couple, priest under same roof” (originally titled “Living with […]

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