Dual Citizens is back! Series 2 with Dual Dual Citizens

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It’s been too long. And now with added Stephen McAlpine

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  1. Geoff Fletcher

    Thankyou for this discussion re the question of attendance at the grandson’s transgender wedding. I didn’t hear if it was a civil ceremony only or whether it also overlaid a religious marriage tradition? Anyway, my question is what do people think about Toby Abbott’s example of attending his sister’s same-sex wedding? I’m not sure I’ve ever cited Tony Abbott re anything but I thought he found a way through there.

  2. Geoff Fletcher

    So far so good!
    Hi David – not on the topic of this post but I’ll start from where are I left off. I have tried the Search function to see if there have been posts previously on two topics but found zip. Are there better key words I should use?
    1. The Voice referendum (Searched on those words)
    2. The history of Middle East homeland occupation / dispossession for Palestinians & Arabs from early 1900s. (Searched on McMahon, Hussein, Sykes, Picot, Balfour)

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