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This piece came out in Tuesday’s Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser

Minister may stir pot breaking cycle as TV guest host

Reverend David Ould (pictured) may have had more than luck on his side when he entered a competition to be a guest host on The Project on TV.

Tonight, Mr Ould, who is the minister at Glenquarie Anglican Church, will sit beside Dave Hughes, Carrie Bickmore and Charlie Pickering to discuss today’s news and views.

Mr Ould, 39, is used to a diverse audience with a congregation that ranges from the ages of two to 92.

But speaking in front of hundreds of thousands of people is a different prospect.

“I’m not just nervous,” he said. “[I’m] terrified. And excited as well โ€” all mixed up together.”

The Project is known for its occasional controversial and confronting nature, but Mr Ould said he wasn’t looking to stir the pot โ€” intentionally anyway.

Mr Ould, who is also chairman of the Break the Cycle Glenquarie charity, said he hoped his TV stint would raise the profile of the organisation that tries to “empower sustainable life choices and holistic care to people”.

“At Break the Cycle we regularly see how hard some people are finding life and spend our energies trying to help them with lots of success,” he said.

But why was he chosen for the panel? Was it divine intervention?

“I think they’re always looking for something quirky,” he said. “I think I break the usual stereotypes of wowser Christians.”

Details: The Project, 6.30 tonight, Channel 10.

“more than luck on his side”. Cute.

Thanks Ben (@Chenoweth_Ben)

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  1. Melissa


    Well let us hope some people in the local area have benefitted somehow from your appearance on “The Project”. God can bring in some extra funding or direct some one to your charity that really needs some help – who knows?

    What we do for the Lord has eternal consequences. Hopefully it has tweaked some one’s attention to find out more about Christianity or check out their local Christian Church (let’s hope they are preaching the right gospel). God I am sure can ensure that those truly seeking Him will end up getting what they need to learn about repentance and salvation in Christ.

    PR 8:17 I love those who love me,
    and those who seek me find me.

    I had only a few minutes at the doctors office last Monday to engage the lady waitung next to me in friendly conversation and talk to her about the Lord. I didn’t get to do a full “two ways to live or the bridge” just a simple conversation about where people in this world will go if they do not get right with the Lord and this lady agreed with me there was too much evil in this world and I shared where I sort goodness and salvation from being wicked and evil myself (in the Lord as per the Christian Bible). There was more to it than that. I did leave her with the above verse pharaphrased. I didn’t get to say everything I wanted but who knows what seed I have sown. Praying for her to meet some other Christian who can share more with her soon.

    Some times we only have a fleeting few minutes and so we can only do what we can with these opportunities we are given. I trust in God will do the rest.

    I’ve been praying for God to use your TV appearance for His purposes and may His will be done, amen.

    Cheers from me

  2. Tregonsee

    Just imagine your audience is naked, as you do your congregation, and the nervousness will go away. ๐Ÿ™‚

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