The Project Tonight.

You are currently viewing The Project Tonight.

For those of you interested, here’s the relevant websites.

Channel 10

The Project

I don’t think either live-streams but I know there will be a copy of the video on The Project site later.

6:30pm AEST tonight.

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  1. Kerrie Beitzel

    David Ould , I thought you were outstanding and hope to see a lot more of you on TV , Congratulations David your first appearance on The Project.was FANTASTIC!!

  2. Lucy

    Yes we’ll done. You came across like you had been on the panel for years.

  3. James Chik

    Just watched it. Well done. You had terrific presence and it was fantastic that you told the panel from the word go what it means for you to be a 2013. You looked very relaxed and natural.

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