A Statement Concerning the Consecration of Rev Dr Sarah Macneil in the Anglican Diocese of Grafton

You are currently viewing A Statement Concerning the Consecration of Rev Dr Sarah Macneil in the Anglican Diocese of Grafton

Tomorrow marks yet another line crossed in the Anglican Church of Australia. With that in mind the following statement from the Anglican Church League is very important.

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  1. Nigel Poore

    Very eloquently put.

    There are a few basic things l cannot understand and find strange in these latter days, one being why women want to take on mens roles.

    In addition to that women will never have the same authority as a man.

    That being the case how can a woman ever be a minister and minister to men.

    1. David Ould

      I’m with Kate on this one, Nigel.
      Your first sentence I am entirely in agreement with. Your second one I think confuses the inherent authority and the derived authority of teaching from the Scriptures.
      The third, to my mind, is a non-sequiter but I think it comes from different starting assumptions.

  2. Kate

    “That being the case how can a woman ever be a minister and minister to men.”

    oh those pesky women who think they can be ministers. imagine thinking a woman can teach the bible. outrageous. something must be done about that.

  3. Scott Blackwell

    Nigel’s comment is certianly unfortunate to say the least, Kate – but it does not bear on the serious issues raised by the ACL statement. Whether male or female, these issues surely disqualify anyone from the position of overseer in the church.

    1. Kate

      Scott, I agree with you. I would hate for anyone to be distracted from the seriousness of this issue by Nigel’s unbiblical and sexist comments.

  4. Joshua Bovis

    For me the three characteristics that we should expect of a bishop are:
    1. Godliness
    2. Fidelity
    3. Giftedness

    I think Bishops should be men but would rather a godly woman bishop who believes what she actually signs up for than a man who has his fingers metaphorically speaking crossed behind his back.

  5. Marmaduke

    A few years ago a person who is the daughter of Christian friends of mine entered into a lesbian relationship in Canberra. The two young women participated in a same gender civil union ceremony at an embassy as one of them came from that country. They then participated in a faux “wedding” ceremony conducted by Rev Sarah Macneil at Sarah’s Canberra church. Sarah “got around” both the Church and civil law illegalities of the Church ceremony by describing the ceremony as a “blessing of two individuals” or some such phrase. My friends tell me that the ceremony had all the hallmarks of a church wedding with invitations, walks down the aisle, hymns, prayers with the couple standing at the front before the congregation of invited family and friends etc.
    The thing is, Sarah made a mockery of her ordination vows by undermining both the law and the accepted doctrine of the Church from which she draws a stipend. Being no fool she didn’t call it a wedding or matrimony but she and everyone else present knew exactly what was intended. That was when George Browning was the Bishop of Canberra. Now Sarah is a Bishop doubly sworn to uphold the doctrine and law of the Anglican Church of Australia and to counsel and if necessary discipline clergy in her Diocese who might do what she has done. It’ll be interesting to see how she goes in Grafton.

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