GAFCON Day One – Clarity on the Gospel

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The sun is setting on a wonderful first day of #GAFCON2018 here in Jerusalem. I’ve spent much of the day helping with the livestream and in the main auditorium there’s been lots happening that’s encouraged many of the delegates. There’s almost 2,000 here from right across the Anglican Communion and it’s been a really great start to what promises to be a terrific conference.

Here’s a video of most of the main morning session:

There were three highlights that everyone has talked about.

The choir! I had the privilege of doing a brief interview with them on the preparation day. You can hear them in action on the video.

Alfred Olwa’s exposition. There are Bible studies to start each day, looking at the events of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Here’s some action from twitter:

Archbishop Okoh, the Primate of Nigeria and GAFCON Chair gave a stirring plenary address calling us to faithfulness in the gospel and making it perfectly clear that we need to make brave decisions.

Delegates also attended a number of different seminars ranging through topics such as human sexuality, Buddhism, traditional African religions and many more. There were also workshops for those linking up in various network groups.

It’s been a huge day but the delegates are very excited. There is a clear sense of common purpose united in a common gospel. Which is an encouraging thing to hear when you’re at the biggest Anglican conference for over 50 years representing well over two thirds of the world’s Anglicans. It’s been a huge effort to make it happen and there was obvious relief mixed in with the excitement of organisers when the doors opened. But it’s already been more than worth it and there’s plenty more to come by Friday afternoon!

Here’s what I was up to…

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