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Here’s a great little idea from Logos.

Over the course of 2,000 years, Christianity has spread to every corner of the world. According to the Pew Research Center, there are 2.4 billion Christians in the world, a staggering 33% of the entire world population—and that’s just today. That figure doesn’t account for the billions of others who have followed Christ over the last 20 centuries.

The lives of the billions of people who have followed Christ throughout history together form the Christian story. Many chapters from that story we’ve heard time and again—Martin Luther and his 95 theses; Athanasius’ fight for doctrinal purity; John Wesley’s prolific ministry. But thousands of fascinating tales are just waiting to be celebrated and explored.

Discover fascinating destinations from Christianity through the ages with Take Flight. This interactive journey presents untold stories of the Christian faith—and little-known chapters from the lives of its most famous champions.


A fascinating way to learn and, at the end, Logos are offering some free stuff. Why not start this Australia Day with the New South Wales segment?

On a balmy Sunday morning in February of 1788, a small crowd of convicted criminals gathered in the shade of a tree, listening attentively to the words of a stout Anglican clergyman. In England, it would have been winter, but in New South Wales, Australia—a new English colony—it was the height of summer. Just two weeks earlier, a fleet of 11 ships had landed on Australia’s shores, bearing over 1,000 settlers—over half of them convicts.

The man this crowd had gathered to hear was Rev. Richard Johnson, the Anglican priest who’d been appointed chaplain of the prison colony. And this was the first Christian church service ever held in Australia.

disclosure: I have received free upgrades from Logos for their Anglican package. Review coming soon!

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