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Every so often I want to publish a list of free resources that are available. Some are recent, some I’ve had knocking around for a while but never got to posting up.

ESV Global Study Bible. This is a great offer. Crossway Books has made their ESV Global Study Bible available free in eBook form (ePub and Mobi/Kindle formats).

The Global Study Bible’s notes and maps were adapted from the best-sellingESV Study Bible and contain a wealth of information about the biblical text, history, and geography. With overviews of each Bible book, special facts, and character profiles, the Global Study Bible is an outstanding resource for Christians everywhere who seek to know and understand the truth of the Bible and its global meaning.

Themelios Vol. 40 Issue 1 is out. Download the full pdf, browse through the index or even pre-order the Logos edition. Mike Ovey’s editorial “Courtier Politicians and Courtier Preachers” is well worth the read, if nothing else.

The latest edition of the Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is out. Again, lots to engage with here, including Sam Alberry’s “You May Now Serve the Bride: The Trinity and Gender“.

Equality and difference exist together within the Trinity and have always done so. There is no tension between them. They in no way threaten God’s unity, as if this depended on some kind of precarious stand-off between the two. The opposite is in fact the case. The complementarity  of the persons of the Trinity is what constitutes God’s unity. His unity is not in uniformity or sameness but difference. The result is beautiful, relational harmony.

Out for a long time now, but a great resource, is 24 free e-books from Desiring God.

Finally, one from before Christmas that I think you’ll enjoy. Watch R.C. Sproul’s The Lightlings and The Prince’s Poison Cup for Free.

R.C. Sproul’s The Lightlings and The Prince’s Poison Cup came to life when they were released as colorful and powerful animatic DVDs in 2009. Today, Reformation Trust is making these two children’s stories, written and narrated byR.C. Sproul, free to watch online forever.

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