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J.C. Ryle was a prolific writer, vigorous preacher, faithful pastor, husband of three wives, [widowed three times: Matilda died in 1847, Jessie died in 1860, Henrietta died in 1889] and the father to five children [one with Matilta and four with Jessie]. He was thoroughly evangelical in his doctrine and uncompromising in his Biblical principles. Today’s pastor can learn several lessons from Ryle. .First, Ryle’s life reminds pastors to attend to their family duties. He also reminds Christians that sometimes it is necessary to swim against the tide. Ryle was a passionate Evangelical at a time when Evangelical theology was not popular in the Anglican church. During his lifetime, Ryle contended with John Henry Newman’s Tractarian Movement, and the growing infiltration of liberal German theology. He did so with unflinching loyalty to the first principles of Scripture — justification by faith alone, substitutionary atonement, the doctrine of the Trinity, and the importance of preaching.In 1880, after 38 years in Pastoral ministry in rural England, at age 64, he became the first Anglican bishop of Liverpool. He retired in 1900 at age 83 and died later the same year at the age of 84.

This following eBook is a selection of some of his best tracts and sermons and we pray they are a blessing to your life.
This  eBook comes complete with an active linked Table of Contents, making navigation quicker and easier.


Table of Contents

A Call to Prayer
Bible Reading
Signs of the Times
We Must Be Holy!
Regeneration Part I, Part II, Part III
The Duties of Parents
Looking Unto Jesus!
The Power of the Holy Spirit
Without Clouds
The Lord’s Garden
The Whole Family!
Do You Believe?
Having the Spirit
The Holy Spirit
Prove All Things
The Blood of the Lamb
The Lord’s Supper
The Real Presence—What Is It?
The Outlook
True Preaching
Be Content
Many Shall Come
Are You Born Again?
Profit and Loss
What Can You Know?
Are You Looking?
Hold Fast!
Never Perish!
The Way of Salvation
The Privileges of the True Christian
Wheat or Chaff?
The Cross of Christ
A Bad Heart
Christ Crucified
What Is Your Hope?
Our Hope!
Christ in the Sick Room
Only One Way—Christ!
Enoch Walking with God
Ready to Be Offered (On Assurance)
The Grace of God in Vain
Few Saved!
Alive or Dead?
The Heart
Where Are Your Sins?
Where Are You?
Are You Regenerate?
Are You an Heir?
Be Zealous
Our Profession
Are You Ready?
An Example in Word
Consider Your Ways
Christ’s Invitation
The Ten Virgins
Are You Born Again?
Fire! Fire!
Thoughts on Immortality
Simplicity in Preaching
Our Souls!
Daniel Found Faithful
The Unchanging Christ
Christ’s Power to Save
Are You Asleep?
Tried by Its Fruits
The Christian Race
What Do You Think About Christ?
The Fallibility of Ministers
Saving Faith
Come Unto Me
The Great Battle
The Character of the True Christian
All Kinds of Strange Teachings
The Lord our Righteousness
I Have Something to Say to You
Give Yourself Wholly to Them
Apostolic Fears
Gospel Treasures
Not Corrupting the Word
Unbelief, a Marvel
Neglect Not the Gift
Ready to Be Offered
The True Church
One Blood
To Whom?
Pharisees and Sadducees
The Rights and Duties of Laymen
Evangelical Religion
George Whitefield
Toplady and His Ministry
Christ is All
Christian Leaders of the Last Century

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  1. Nigel Poore

    Took your advice. Have just read the sermon on sickness being “such a big thing in our lives”. Very good, very easy to read, what a great preacher. Thanks for the heads up. Hope this is a blessing to many. Thanks David.

  2. Sherryn Forman

    I have been greatly blessed by the writings and sermons of J C Ryle. His 'Duties of Parents' is at the top of my list for parenting books! Thanks for sharing this great resource here.

    Also freely available are readings of his sermons via sermonaudio.com (and in iTunes).

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