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who doesn’t love free stuff? Here’s a list of some great recent and free ebooks and other publications.

First, via Challies

God, the Gospel, and the Gay Challenge — A Response to Matthew Vines. A comprehensive response to Matthew Vines’ “God and the Gay Christian”. Al Mohler has edited this substantial ebook. Vines floats most of the (frankly) silly arguments that have been put up by the revisionist position on this issue and the book is therefore not just a response to him but more generally a helpful resource.

Credo Magazine – Churchy Gimmicks: Has the Church Sold Its Soul to Consumerism?

The Evangelical church in the twenty-first century has in many ways absorbed the consumeristic mentality that is so prevalent in the culture. Churches approach worship as if they were selling a product and the attendee were the consumer. Since the product is up for sale, churches must show that their product is more entertaining than anything else the world has to offer. Therefore, churchy gimmicks are the name of the game. 

Can be read online or downloaded.

Themelios 39.1 The Gospel Coalition is doing great work in getting this academic periodical back up and running under Don Carson’s editorship. Again, in a variety of formats.

Next, via David Murray (who has a great website)

115 Free Books! Yup, the clue is in the title. Murray has a list of some great free resources (many from Logos and related companies). In particular the series by R.C. Sproul is well worth working through.

While we’re thinking about Logos, they’ve kindly asked me to review their Anglican Platinum product. I’ll be working on getting that out over the next few months.

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