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I had the great privilege and, as it turned out, pleasure, to be in the studio audience for the ABC‘s live panel show Q&A. The panel last night included ArchBishop Peter Jensen who was set against “comedian” Catherine Deveny and a number of other panelists who faded away into relative insignificance given the “dialogue” that would develop (and by “dialogue” I mean that at least one party was prepared to give the other a fair hearing, if only they could have had something substantial to respond to).

The show was truly fascinating, dealing with a number of important subjects and ending quite wonderfully – at least you might think so if you are a Christian. Two things to look out for – the way Jensen handles himself and manages to get a clear exposition of the gospel in (despite the constant interruption), and my shiny head. Watch it here.

I left the studio delighted. Perhaps we might have minor criticisms of things that should or shouldn’t have been said by Jensen but that was a polished display and, as John Dickson notes,

Here‘s also what Nathan has to say about it

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  1. Ken West

    A time reference for the shiny head would be greatly appreciated …

  2. David Ould

    aaah yes. As far as I can discern it would only be the opening sequence as the camera pans in from the right. I am sitting on the left-hand edge of the second row from the front in the right-hand block of tiered seats. At 0:17 that’s my shiny right in the middle, 1/3 up from the bottom of the screen, where the Q&A logo has just disappeared. 😉

    apart from that I’ve not scoured the video 😀

  3. Lucy McWhirter Browne

    A few years ago I emailed the ABC and asked if Catherine Deveney would be allowed to ridicule other religions apart from Christianity on their programmes. She had been discussing abortion and began ranting ‘keep your rosaries off my ovaries’ and behaving quite oddly. The ABC replied and said that Deveney was chosen for these panels because she brought lightheartedness and humour to the programmes. I am happy to listen to views other than my own about marriage, homosexuality and so on however her manner has continued to be very abrupt and unprofessional and I continue to fail to see the humour. What exactly did she contribute to the debates last night?

    1. Michelle

      Complaining to the ABC is like being upset about the heat in Hell and complaining to the devil. The ABC is THE leftist media machine whose idea of truth is distorted (perhaps via the infamous dialectical materialism) into a farcical version of reality where wealth is infinite, mankind’s ability to multiply infinite, all men are good, all religions and ideologies are based upon good and any disagreement to their world view is regarded as Medieval heresy and treated as such. I have complained several times about their bias in speaker selection, questions, etc. It does no good. I do not like censorship but perhaps a 20% funding decrease will make them :more aware:” about how most Australians perceive them(as traitors)

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