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Check out that picture. That’s the home screen of the website for Daniel Sturridge who scored England’s goal today.

His pose is becoming the classic response of Christians on the sportsfield (especially footballers) in response to triumph.

They point to the heavens to remind anyone who cares to listen that while people may be cheering their name, there is someone who actually does deserve all that adulation; Jesus.

On a similar vein, this video is doing the rounds. Brazilian footballer Kaká responds in a similarly great way to being dropped from the national squad:

So what does Sturridge do after scoring in today’s game?


And afterwards, having lost 2-1:

Follow Sturridge on twitter, facebook or instagram where his bio info begins “ I do all through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13 – notice how Sturridge substitutes “Christ” for the original “him” so that we’re all clear exactly what he means).

Nicely played, Daniel.

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  1. Kath

    Thanks David. Good to show the 8 yr old football fan at my place that D Sturbridge gives the praise to Jesus.

    1. David Ould

      the 8yr old football fan at our place was pleased to see it too. I’m going to use the image at SRE this week.

  2. Mike Taylor

    he also mouthed something like 'i love you, Jesus' – the 'Jesus', at least, being very clear. What is interesting, though, is how the commentators taking to commenting on it. In the Brazil game, I think, one of the players did something similar, and the commentator said something like – he's thanking the heavens, but he shouldn't be, its all his own skill.' It was almost as if he was concerned about his 'western' audience being exposed to something looking spiritual, and needed to keep them safe by explaining it away. But then reference to the footballing 'gods' is okay.

  3. Alistair

    O good grief..

  4. youthpasta

    Pretty sure he said “Thank you Jesus” after he scored. An excellent example of living your faith out in the public sphere.

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