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As part of the upcoming Oxygen Conference there’s going to be a preaching stream:

Oxygen has a 6 hour ‘Preaching’ elective taught by Bryan Chapell and Paul Tripp.

Our desire for Oxygen is to see an event that will refresh and refuel everyone active in Christian ministry – including preachers of all ages and experience levels!

This is why we have invited Bryan Chapell (author of Christ-Centred Preaching) and Paul Tripp (author of How People Change) to lead the ‘Preaching’ elective stream which will be split up into 3 sessions:

1.    How People Change: Preaching for Redemptive Transformation
2.    Redemptive Application: Applying the Grace and Authority of Scripture
3.    Gospel Communication 101: What Makes a Good Sermon Good?

Electives are filling up quickly, so if you are interested in coming, make sure you REGISTER TODAY.

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As part of the promotion of the event, Oxygen asked a number of preachers for recommendations on books about preaching. Somehow I made the list, which is full of some great books. My entry was a little different:

21. David Ould (NSW)
Glenquarie Anglican Church
‘Desiring God’
John Piper“So many good books have been written…
but when it gets down to it I think the
key to preaching is not simply exegeting
and expositing the text well but showing
people how wonderful Jesus is.”

Go read the whole list.

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