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1. 4-days of preaching on the uniqueness and supremacy of Christ

Nothing will fuel your passion for Christian ministry more than a bigger vision of the uniqueness and supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ! With this goal in mind, in each of the 9 plenary sessions our guest speakers will preach on the ‘I AM’ statements of Jesus from John’s gospel. You will hear sermons from Don Carson, Francis Chan, Paul Tripp, John Lennox and Bryan Chapell.

2. Encourage other Christian leaders

Oxygen will bring together Christians from churches across Australia and our region. Some of these churches are large, but most churches in Australia are small. Attending Oxygen is a unique opportunity not only to be encouraged, but to encourage other Christians, many of whom will come from smaller churches and who will greatly benefit from 4-days with other Christian leaders.

3. Get trained in practical skills by experienced practitioners

Two workshops sessions will serve you with very practical skills for Christian ministry. In each one-hour session, we’ve invited experienced practioners to share their wisdom on topics including ‘How to lead volunteer teams’ and ‘Having hard conversations’.

4. Connect with people and share ideas

Matt Perman puts this point well in his new book ‘What’s Best Next’:

“One of the biggest examples of investing for the long run for the knowledge worker is attending conferences. I believe that all knowledge workers should go to every conference they can because these are prime opportunities to connect with people and share ideas – the essence of knowledge work [i.e. work that isn’t manual labour]. But many think that going to a conference is a luxury or a bonus, something to do only if you can get your other, “real” work done.

But nothing could be farther from the truth. Going to conference is a key part of the work of any leader or manager. It is one of the many intangibles that define the essence of knowledge work in our day.”

5. Meet with people in similar roles

Oxygen will bring together people serving in a broad range of Christian ministries. This includes pastors, elders and deacons, chaplains, Scripture teachers, youth leaders, coaches, business leaders, executive assistants – and many more!

Oxygen will provide a unique opportunity to meet with people serving in similar roles, and make connections that will serve you for many years to come.

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  1. Roger Gallagher

    Hi David,

    Of the 8 speakers, 6 are Americans, 1 English & 1 Canadian. Why no local speakers?

    1. David Ould

      hi Roger.

      I’m afraid I can’t answer your question. You’ll have to direct it to the conference organisers.

      Speaking personally, I suspect that it’s part of the strategy of getting more delegates. We have lots of great speakers here in Australia but it’s also a drawcard to get some other big names from overseas.

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