Sex, Marriage and the Gospel. “Living with the Enemy” sermon

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It’s hard when you only hear a few brief snippets to really understand what somebody believes.

In particular, one verse has been touted around a lot in the publicity and show. But sometimes hearing the context it’s spoken in can be helpful.

Here’s the full audio of the sermon featured in my episode of Living with the Enemy for you to hear exactly what I think the Bible has to say about this subject, what Jesus thinks, and why He’s such great news for anyone – straight, gay or whatever.

You can also download a pdf of the original sermon script here.

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  1. Tim Anderson

    Hi David,
    I enjoyed watching you on Living with the Enemy just now. I thought you came across as very gracious and you took some great opportunities to speak the the truth in love. It must have been very difficult knowing that SBS would pounce on any misstep. Well done!
    Tim Anderson

  2. John Davis

    Thank you David for your boldness and graciousness in attempting to enunciate the Christian case against homosexuality. I have read your sermon outline and can see that thee was probably much frank discussion over the 10 days which was edited out of the final TV presentation. It seems to me that although we are created in God’s image we are not robots in His hands. He wants us to have a relationship with Him.It is the individual’s choice as to whether they believe in Him and want to obey Him through His revealed word in the Bible.If we deny God then there are consequences as you rightly point out in 1 Cor. 6:9 (also Rev.21:22). The similar example of degradation is found in Rom. 1:24-26 which refers to both homosexuality and lesbianism.
    In 1 Peter 2:11 we are reminded that as Christians we are aliens in the world and that we are to abstain from sinful desires.
    Also as Christians we are reminded in Rom.14:12 and Rev. 20:12 that the dead will e judged according to what they had done.
    It is therefore incumbent on Christians to draw to the attention of non-Christians that we wish to share with the good news that Jesus loves them but not their sin and that Jesus has pad the price that their sins might be forgiven so that they can inherit eternal life.
    If however they wish to deny God, His rules contained in the Bible and the reality of the final judgment by God which will lead either to Heaven or Hell then they have made their choice. As Christians we can only warn them of what God says the consequences of their refusal to submit to Him will be.
    This does not mean that we stop trying to dialogue with homosexuals and lesbians but rather that we continue to show ove to them just as you said Jesus did with prostitutes, adulterers and tax collectors.
    It is my hope that many Christians who watched the show will be encouraged and seek ways to show real Christian love and oncern to those who follow these alternate life styles.

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