Dual Citizens Episode 4 – Religious Discrimination Bill and the “Snowflake” Generation

You are currently viewing Dual Citizens Episode 4 – Religious Discrimination Bill and the “Snowflake” Generation

Here’s the latest episode of Dual Citizens! I talk about the issues behind the Religious Discrimination Bill that the government has just withdrawn from Parliament, the increasing “snowflake” nature of so many, and what links the two.

Just want the audio? Here you go:

As always, keen to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Robin

    Hi David, thanks for making these podcasts, they have been quite useful in thinking through the issues. Keep them up. May I suggest too the visual presentation, you look good :). Though, have a change of background since it’s making the shot quite busy with the visual pattern in the background, and your swirly laptop adding to the lolly pop. Blessings 🙂

  2. Unknown Tim Tunbridge

    Thanks David. Your perceptive analysis of modern day culture and the prevailing pan sexual zeitgeist was terrific. In my view far better to have no laws relating to religious belief than bad ones. First priority should be to safeguard the christian principles and freedoms for our churches and church schools.

  3. Robert Bruce

    Thanks David for another lucid expression of what many find confusing and confounding.

    How blessed are we of the older generations who grew up in a society that recognised the external truths of the Scriptures, even if it did not always conform to them. How blessed are we to have had Sunday School with all our peers as the norm for learning ethics and personal behaviour. How difficult it must be for the snowflake generation to have to decide what is right without external guidance and to assess things by how good they feel.

    You make it clear that we have the responsibility to share the Gospel, the external guidance that everyone needs, with those who need it most.

  4. Geoff Fletcher

    Very good points re journalism vs activism and the duty of those reporting to be fair & observe any regulated or voluntary charter. Would Dual Citizens be interested to vary the format & raise the bar? Rather than monologue perhaps host a respectful but direct discussion between varying views? I can recommend the show “Unbelievable” on UK’s Premier Christian Radio as an example. Informed & informal debate is an excellent help to navigate through complex issues.

  5. Geoff Fletcher

    Also very good points re Snowflake Generation. I think being brutally honest about our biological & psychological nature & limitations (children AND their parents) is also key to understanding this, as well as accessing accumulated past wisdom. Look also at the behaviours & common thought of crowds & tribal groupings – scary examples in recent times of mass protests & destabilising political movements whipped up by very odd ideas. I am reminded of Bonhoeffer’s Theory / Theology of Stupidity & how the stupid are far more dangerous than the evil. Very interesting!

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