Diocese of Perth approves extra-marital sex for clergy and church workers

At it’s annual synod, meeting this last weekend, the Diocese of Perth has approved changes to Faithfulness in Service (the Anglican Church of Australia’s national code of conduct) that remove the expectation for clergy and church workers to refrain from sex outside marriage. The amended text provided to synod, showing the effect of the change, […]

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Sex, Marriage and the Gospel. “Living with the Enemy” sermon

It’s hard when you only hear a few brief snippets to really understand what somebody believes. In particular, one verse has been touted around a lot in the publicity and show. But sometimes hearing the context it’s spoken in can be helpful. Here’s the full audio of the sermon featured in my episode of Living […]


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Why Should Girls, or Anyone, Feel Ashamed?

On the flight up from Melbourne a while back I read a fascinating article by a year 11 (17 yrs old) student Olympia Nelson on how we (according to her) fail to respond correctly to the current culture of sexting. “Why should girls feel ashamed“: Another two-minute film, Sexting at School by thinkyouknow.org, tells the story of […]

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