Dual Citizens # 8 – Valé Shane Warne and International Women’s Day

You are currently viewing Dual Citizens # 8 – Valé Shane Warne and International Women’s Day

Here’s the latest episode. What can we learn from the tragic early death of Shane Warne and what’s the very best thing for all women all around the world?

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  1. Robert Bruce

    Thanks David.

    As usual you have given us the benefit of your wise insights.

    I lost my big brother when he died suddenly and unexpectedly recently so I am acutely aware of the feelings of loss that Shane Warne’s family and friends must be feeling. By “friends” I mean most Australians: Warnie was someone we loved for his amazing skills at cricket, and especially for slaughtering the Sassenachs in Test matches (sorry, is that too close to the bone for you?). Those of us who are Christians were less impressed by his womanising but we just had to accept it as part of the larrikin package he offered. We can only hope that in the final seconds of his life Warnie was able to make his peace with the Lord Jesus and receive the Lord’s grace.

    International Women’s Day reminds us again, if we needed reminding, that women in general have far more value than what Warnie apparently wanted them for. Women are made in God’s image and are different from men in very important ways, starting with the biological and going on through all aspects of life.

    Those of us fortunate to have been blessed by the Lord with the experience of being soulmates in long-term marriages, and enjoying what the Greeks called pragma, know what the Lord intended when He created women to be partners for men, to share love in its various forms, to enjoy being equal in harmonious, companionate relationships with their spouses, to become what the Bible calls “one flesh” and in most ways also one mind.

    As we go on loving our women, physically but also in all other ways, we should thank the Lord repeatedly and often for the wonderful gift of married love.

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