Here’s the latest Dual Citizens. What does the acquittal of a Northern Territory police constable say about the need for justice? And as Russia silences all those who dissent, are we any better?

Just want to listen? Here’s the audio:

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One comment on “Dual Citizens #9 – Rolfe Acquittal and Courage in the Face of Authoritarianism

  1. David, you’ve done it again. Your insights are very perceptive.

    Constable Rolfe is a brave young man who was simply doing his duty to protect those who need protecting. Sadly, in the Police that means sometimes you have to use lethal force. The fact that his superiors chose not to defend him, but to charge him with murder instead, is an absolute travesty of justice. They placed being seen as “woke” over their obligations to protect a man carrying out their orders. Is there no limit to this nonsense?

    As for what the Russians are doing under Putin, words fail me. Putin has shown himself the worst war criminal since Hitler and Stalin. He seems oblivious to the rules of civil society. Pity help him.

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