Windsor baby update

Leonie posted this update yesterday (for pictures follow the link).

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been praying and helping out. Lionel has been an excellent slave, but he’s very tired. I’ve been mainly lying around…

Today was the first day that I was well enough to have a good look at Eleanor and to have it all explained to me. She’s in a humidicrib, dosed up on morphine (just like I was until recently!) and just so gorgeous! She looks like Adelaide and Harry but she has lots of dark hair, which they didn’t have. She’s nice and fat (for a premmie), and they tell me she’s been sucking away on her dummy like there’s no tomorrow. This sounds like one of my children!

It’s a bit hard not knowing how long Ellie will be in intensive care, and when I can hold her and feed her, but the staff at Royal Women’s Hospital are caring for us all so well. And of course I’m having to keep trusting God that this situation is his plan. What a privilege it is to live in a country where it’s so easy to have such amazing medical care! She’s still having help with her breathing, but she’ll come off the morphine soon and they tell me she can start to have some milk tomorrow (via a tube).

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