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Curtis Allen is a friend and one fine and much loved pastor who serves at Solid Rock Church in Riverdale, Maryland. And as many of you know by now, Curtis is also a gifted songwriter and rapper. Last October he delivered what is to my knowledge the first-ever rap about the Heidelberg Catechism. Today he releases his latest recording, a rap about the Westminster Catechism featuring Dr. Don Carson, the author or editor of over 60 books and the research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.

Trust me, it’s Dr. Carson like you’ve never heard him before.

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You can connect with Curtis Allen (a.k.a. “Voice”) and his work through his main music site, ihearvoice, and you will also find his MP3s at Amazon.com here. You can also read his blog or follow him on Twitter.

Westminster Catechism (lyrics)

Verse 1

We non-stop hey we non-stop hey we in the Lord and we going to the top hey. We got the catechism and we won't flop hey, we nonstop hey we nonstop hey we on top. Of our history, reformation chivalry, Westminster Catechism teaching on divinity. Dealing with the trinity, the Westminster longer is a monster so today we dealing with its mini me. 1647 let's go back and visit the, year it was completed to edify the community. Believers live in unity was part of the purpose, to train lay persons in matters of what was worth it. Doctrine and belief, believe in the doctrine we own our sin we not looking for Johnny Cochran's. Now we don't idolize with idol eyes we know that Scripture is where the Lord has epitomized the Father so why bother with the catechisms? Because they simplify for you and I'm glad they did them. We get a vision of this comprehensive document, one of the most important in the church and it’s opulent. They didn't know I know that word, we gonna get into the Q & A next verse. 107 questions we won't do all of them, you probably think it's wild I'm rocking with Dr. Carson.


Do you know what the chief end of man is? 
And how the Father, Son and Spirit do manage?
Do you know if you want you could know this? 
The catechism hey the catechism hey

Verse 2

Let's get into some questions 107 of ’em broken down into sections. The first 12 of ’em deal with God as creator, the manner of his decrees, and trinitarian nature. 13–20 is dealing with humanity our sin and it's cause we should all be God's enemy. 21–38 is getting real meaty, the nature of Christ, his office, and how he redeemed we. All of these are solid but personal homage is paid I been affected by 27 and 28. Christ’s humiliation, his exaltation, 4:4 of Galatians, Psalm 110 are stating. 39–84 filling out commandments, 85–97’s dealing with the sacraments. 98–107, what you will find there, is some good instruction on the Lord’s prayer. Yeah, now I ain’t saying it’s the best right I know it ain’t the Scriptures but we riding with the “Westside.” Question 3 what do the Scriptures principally teach, concerning God and his duties for those who believe. Sweet, 92 what is a sacrament, a holy ordinance by Christ was instituted as a means of grace man get that catechism out, while you bobbin’ your head go read what I am talking bout.

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