The Muslim-Christian Billboard Conversation Sparks Up

This is awesome. In the last week I've been getting emails about a new project here in Sydney that formed in response to the “Jesus is a Muslim Prophet” billboards that were put up a couple of weeks ago. The billboard has gone up on the M4 motorway leading west out of Sydney towards those areas where there are the largest populations of Muslims. Here it is in situ.

billboard on the M4

The above poster is one of several that will be going up and encouraging Muslims in particular (but also anyone else that's interested) to go to a smart little website, AussieChristians where you're greeted as follows:

Welcome. Especially if you’re an Aussie Muslim. Not just because the Gospel of Jesus teaches us to love others. But also because we’d love you to know Jesus better.

Their “articles” page (read: blog) is already chocka full of great material explaining their rationale and beginning what they call a “conversation”. There's great stuff on the divinity of Jesus in the Bible, what's in the Bible.

All in all, it's a model of outreach. The tone is courteous and friendly. The arguments are sound but succinct. Frankly, I'm not sure I've seen such a great example of this kind of thing in a long long time. Will you join me in praying for its success? More than that, will you also read the articles and be ready to have the same conversation yourself?

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  1. Dale

    David, it appears that the AussieChristians web site has been “parked”. Appropriate for something associated with the M4. But seriously, I think the web site may have been hacked, so your urging for prayer for this “conversation” is most important.

  2. Steve

    Hi David, I’m a big fan of this campaign too! There’s a typo in your heading…

  3. David Ould

    hi Dale. The site looks good now at 10pm. Nice M4 gag, though wink

    Thanks Steve – have corrected it.

  4. Shine

    Good way to reach our Muslim brothers.  I’m a Christian too and have been doing different kinds of witnessing to different people. Keep going for Jesus!

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