Jesus just a prophet of God? - A Conversation

A great little video by CPX. Here John Dickson chats with Diaa Mohamed, the guy behind the MyPeace campaign. Dickson makes sure they cover all the main issues. If you want a basic primer, less than 10 minutes, on the main differences in the Christian and Islamic views of God/Jesus then this is the video to watch.

Jesus a prophet of Islam? from CPX on Vimeo.

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  1. Ken B.

    Free ride for Diaa. If you re-defined his prophet as he has re-defined Jesus, would he still be so ready to sit down and agree to disagree? The tragedy is of course, that Muslims are laboring under Law in their effort to get to paradise. The law of God came through Moses but that law always anticipated the grace that would come through Jesus Christ. Sadly Muslims know nothing of that grace and want to drag everyone else back under a law that anticipates nothing better.

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