The Marriage Act

The following video ran at the end of the Australian Christian Lobby’s recent webcast, “Defining Marriage“. I missed the broadcast, being on a plane, but hope to get some viewing in over the next few days.

Here’s the “Marriage Act” video.

The Marriage Act from whatismarriage on Vimeo.

Clever. I think I’d want to focus a little less on procreation but there’s some good points being made there.

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  1. Lucy McWhirter Browne

    I saw the webcast here in Sale at the Baptist church. It was certainly thought provoking and it was interesting to learn that there have already been several measures put in place to ensure that same sex couples have equal rights. Marriage is not needed for equality but rather to normalise these relationships and in many ways undermine and change marriage as it stands. Hope you are all enjoying your break, I have been to Singapore loads of times, well the airport that is! travelling between Australia and the UK.

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