The Life and Times of Tooth Boy

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I felt like we needed a profound saga-like title.

“Tooth boy” (a.k.a. Ouldlet #3) had the operation today. Above you can see the actual x-ray of his teeth. The offending objects are the front incisors which you can see are pushed up in front of  his adult teeth, at least the roots are.

Our surgeon was the excellent Philippa Sawyer of the Specialist Paediatric Dental Practice. It’s no understatement to say that we have nothing but praise for her and the team at Crows Nest Day Surgery. From the first emergency consult on Monday through to release from surgery at lunchtime today they were all nothing but brilliant. Particular kudos for Alex the recovery nurse who provided lemonade-flavoured iceblocks, cool jelly and apple juice as required and attended to Noah’s every need. As a parent there is nothing better than having medical staff looking after your child who exude competence and care. We would heartily recommend them to you.

They also took some photos of the procedure since Noah was a classic case of intruded teeth. His mouth will now be appearing on projection screens at Sydney University so that future generations of dentists can see how it’s done.

Thanks for all those of you who prayed and sent good wishes.

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