Thinking Aloud 7 – Unity in the Church and Refugees

The Thinking Aloud team get together again as we talk about unity; why the Anglican Communion is struggling to get it and what the principles of unity should be for the Reformed. After that, we have a briefer chat about the current questions in Australian society about how we treat asylum seekers. Enjoy! Podcast: Play in […]


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Perth Synod – What to (Not) Expect

The Anglican Archdiocese of Perth meets in synod this coming weekend. After last year’s drama, interested observers might have expected more to be pushed on the issue of same-sex relationships. The reality, I’m told by sources in Perth, is that the revisionists have recognised that they’re going to get nowhere at the moment with Archbishop […]

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General Synod Day 1- A Quest for Unity?

Today was the first full day of business for the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia meeting in the grounds of St Peter’s College, Adelaide. The morning had a bunch of procedural business but the first real point of interest was the outgoing Primate, Philip Aspinall’s, presidential address. The speech sought to encompass the […]

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