Richard Condie elected as next Bishop of Tasmania

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image: St Jude's
image: St Jude’s

The election board of the Diocese of Tasmania has just elected the Ven. Dr. Richard Condie, currently vicar of St Jude’s Carlton and Archdeacon in Melbourne, as its next bishop.

Condie is also the chair of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (Australia) and has previously spoken publicly on the need to support and enhance faithful gospel ministry in the church.

Richard will succeed John Harrower, who retired earlier this year.

The election was described to me by a senior figure as “a gracious and godly process”.

Conservatives in the Anglican Church of Australia will be delighted with this result, which represents a further strengthening of the conservative orthodox position in the House of Bishops. In his inaugural speech at the launch of FCA (Australia) Condie said:

What we reject is a superficial unity that is based merely on association, and Anglican niceness or on overlooking difference on matters that are central to our faith. Of pretending that we have unity when we are deeply divided on matters of doctrine. Real Unity matters and real unity is found in Christ.


…if we have a crisis in our church over orthodox faith or practice the FCA might be positioned to provide fellowship and support to people should they find themselves excluded from fellowship by the unorthodox actions of others. We need to be ready to stand with brothers and sisters who want to stand for truth in the face of error.

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  1. Rev. NZAMBIMANA Jean Marie, youth coordinator in bujumbura diocese

    it is good to work for GOD, if you fill the holly spirt in what you do God will be with you

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