Release Sherif

It's not often I write a post like this, but for the last few days I've received a number of disturbing emails from a good friend back in London. My friend has his own remarkable story – son of an Iraqi communist who fled from the Ba'ath party to Czechoslovakia, he subsequently moved as an adult to London where this atheist Arab was converted to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. He know works in gospel ministry and keeps us informed of the persecution of Christians all over the Middle East. And here is his latest news. Sherif Hassan Abdelwahab Mohamed is an Egyptian citizen with no criminal record married to an English woman, Emma. Sherif and Emma are Christians. Since 9 November 2010 he has been in detention in Egypt. The website has the details:


    Emma & Sherif were married in Summer 2010 at All Souls Langham Place, London. They were visiting Egypt after a death in the family so that Emma could meet Sherif’s wider family. Tuesday 9th November 2010

  • Sherif & Emma Hassan arrived at 4pm at CAIRO AIRPORT on BMI Flight BD771
  • As they approached the Passport Control area, Sherif was led away by a security official. Emma was immediately deported and put back on the plane they had arrived in.
  • Sherif has NOT BEEN SEEN SINCE…
  • Monday 15th November 2010 Emma Hassan visited both the Egyptian Embassy and Egyptian Consulate in London, in order to ask about the situation and to provide a written request for information.

  • The Consulate has not contacted Emma since with any information
  • Saturday 20th November 2010 Having not heard from him for 10 days, an email came from his account saying that he was in detention, had been questioned, and was writing under supervision and so could not say much. He asked for prayers as he was very ill. Monday 22nd November 2010 At 7am, there was another email from Sherif’s account. He said that he was now released and would be with an aunt. He said that he needed rest but would be in contact. Tuesday 23rd November 2010 The last email from his account said he was still not allowed to say much but he hoped to be able to travel soon. He said that he would call with more details after an appointment with the Security Police on 24th November

  • We are seriously concerned that he has been detained again.
  • OR that he had never actually been released previously…

So what can we do? Well, first and foremost we can pray for Sherif and for his wife Emma and for all those other Christians persecuted in Egypt. And then get on the bandwagon – write and publicise. All the necessary details are on the website. I'll also be writing to the Egyptian ambassador to Australia. You may wish to write to the ambassador in your own country.

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