Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) “to seize back” evangelical church building and assets

This has been coming for a while – a sign that  liberal power structures and power holders in other denominations are reading from the TEC playbook. THE Church of Scotland is to seize back one of the most prominent churches in Glasgow – and potentially thousands of pounds in collection money – after its congregation […]


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#Nadarkhani - the Australian Govt gets involved.

This is a great bit of news. Last month we wrote (along with Christians all over the world) about Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, still awaiting setence in Iran under a charge of apostasy and, most likely, facing the death penalty. At the time I wrote a brief email to my 2 local MP's, who also happen […]

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Release Sherif

It's not often I write a post like this, but for the last few days I've received a number of disturbing emails from a good friend back in London. My friend has his own remarkable story – son of an Iraqi communist who fled from the Ba'ath party to Czechoslovakia, he subsequently moved as an […]

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