#Nadarkhani - the Australian Govt gets involved.

This is a great bit of news. Last month we wrote (along with Christians all over the world) about Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, still awaiting setence in Iran under a charge of apostasy and, most likely, facing the death penalty.

At the time I wrote a brief email to my 2 local MP's, who also happen to be the leader and deputy leader of the Opposition here in Australia:

29 September 2011

Dear Tony and Joe,


I'm writing to you on an urgent matter in your capacity as my local MP's who have a significant influence in the Parliament.


You may not have been aware, but Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani is due to be executed this weekend in Iran under a Sharia court for no other crime than “apostasy”, despite the fact that he has never been a practising Muslim. Pastor Yousef shepherds a growing house church of 400 adults and additional children and has only done what is protected in section 23 of the Iranian Constitution, the right to hold a belief without intimidation. You can read more details about the case here: http://dynamic.csw.org.uk/article.asp?t=news&id=1067


I would urge you to use the influence you have to make representations to the Iranian embassy here in Australia and to encourage the Government to do likewise. It is astounding that in a week when the execution of a convicted murderer caused great debate in the USA that this execution should pass unnoticed. I trust that you will not allow it to do so.


With grateful thanks


Rev. David Ould

Tony Abbott's office responded the same day (a Friday afternoon) and by Monday had emailed back to say that Abbott would be taking the case up with the government.

Today I got the following letters in the mail!


Result! Good to know that these sorts of campaigns can make a difference. And kudos to Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd on this one.

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  1. Anthony John King

    We will submit to our God in all things and would urge the government of Iran to do the same.

  2. Amy Greenfield

    IRAN: Act by 9 November to call for Pastor #Nadarkhani’s pardon during Eid http://bit.ly/freenadarkhani via @CSW_UK

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