MSN Today comes up as I log in and I find that the headline is “Getting an Abortion“.
So, for the first time in months, rather than closing the box down I click on the link.
To be fair, it’s about as open-minded a page as you could get. The options (keep, adopt, abort) are laid out.
However, when you go to the links you find the usual silence about the trauma many people go through after abortion.

For example, at What to think about, apparently all that needs to be considered is that abortion does not cause problems in the future with fertility, miscarriage, and low-birth-weight-babies. No mention, however, of the trauma that many many women face even years and decades after the event.

And that’s it. Once again the full truth about abortion is ignored.

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    1. David Ould

      I just love anonymous comments.
      The site noted here is a pro-abortion site.

      The anonymous user who posted here was using

      why is it that people won’t indentify themselves?

      1. susiebeeca

        You’re right, I should have left my screen name. I rarely leave anonymous comments, and when I do, it’s usually because I only want to say one thing and don’t feel the need to invite any discussion of said thing back into my own journal, which has happened in the past.

        I left the link because there are also many many women who aren’t traumatized, and this is also part of the “full truth” about abortion.

        Again, sorry for the anonymous bit. Just wanted to deposit my two cents and be on my way.

        1. David Ould


          Can I ask how you came to read my blog? I’m just curious how people get there ๐Ÿ™‚

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