meeting Luther….

So, today was my first day of orientation at Moore College in Sydney. A nice leisurely start at 10am. Keen and eager I made my way to the main lecture hall. As students gathered what was encouraging to note was that they were all taking the trouble to introduce themselves to each other – something that Christians do that I don’t really experience in any other context.

And I meet someone very interesting…

I meet Luther. I kid you not. This is unbelievable. At a solidly reformed bible college I meet a man who is baptised ‘Luther’.

But that’s not all! Here is a man who was baptised ‘Luther’ into the Roman Catholic Church!!!

Apparently his mother either

1 Has a keen sense of humour (but doesn’t realise how much people get teased at school)
2 Really wanted to stick it to the Priest who had to welcome this child into the True Church
3 Didn’t quite realise….

I’m going for number 3.

And wouldn’t you just have loved being at that baptism…?

ps, it must be noted that Luther was a lovely guy with a very pleasant wife.

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  1. Hi David

    Brian Jenner here (St George’s)

    I saw your site as I was surfing and am pleased to read about all your news, and that you are a student again. Australia is a nice place.

    It would be nice to talk to you. You can email me on if you like.

    God Bless


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