meeting Luther….

So, today was my first day of orientation at Moore College in Sydney. A nice leisurely start at 10am. Keen and eager I made my way to the main lecture hall. As students gathered what was encouraging to note was that they were all taking the trouble to introduce themselves to each other – something that Christians do that I don’t really experience in any other context.

And I meet someone very interesting…

I meet Luther. I kid you not. This is unbelievable. At a solidly reformed bible college I meet a man who is baptised ‘Luther’.

But that’s not all! Here is a man who was baptised ‘Luther’ into the Roman Catholic Church!!!

Apparently his mother either

1 Has a keen sense of humour (but doesn’t realise how much people get teased at school)
2 Really wanted to stick it to the Priest who had to welcome this child into the True Church
3 Didn’t quite realise….

I’m going for number 3.

And wouldn’t you just have loved being at that baptism…?

ps, it must be noted that Luther was a lovely guy with a very pleasant wife.

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  1. pould

    Hurrah!!!! Do your best to plug Mainstream won’t you?

  2. Anonymous

    Hi David

    Brian Jenner here (St George’s)

    I saw your site as I was surfing and am pleased to read about all your news, and that you are a student again. Australia is a nice place.

    It would be nice to talk to you. You can email me on if you like.

    God Bless


  3. forget_that_day

    maybe because I’m a witch…
    but what is the significance of the name “Luther”?

    also, I am very jealous of you being in Australia!

    1. David Ould

      Luther was the man who kicked off the Reformation. Basically he’s the archetypal anti-Roman.

        1. David Ould

          hmmm, well one of the best things to do is to read some of his stuff. For example, Luther’s “the bondage of the will”. Plenty of sites on the web.

          1. Anonymous

            lol! I can’t help laughing! So I gather that he is not in the RC church now? (the present Luther friend)
            Good to read your stuff on the net ๐Ÿ™‚ and to hear you are settling in well.


            1. David Ould

              um, no. He’s at a VERY evangelical college with me!!

              Thanks for your kind words.


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