Long long day

It started early this morning. Up at the crack of dawn to watch Liverpool knock the wonderful Sheffield United get knocked out of the cup.
Not a good start.

Lots to do at work. We’re updating the website and I have no clue about all this html stuff.

In particular I’m also getting the small groups ministry here up and running. I need a lot of help and I have two wonderful members of the church family, Roger and Florence Kant, who are pushing me and supporting me. Isn’t God good in providing where we lack? I suck at organisation and stuff like that and they excel!

And then I’ve also been finishing my talk for our “30 days” course tonight. Lots of baby Christians and some “not quite”‘s.

I’m teaching Isaiah 6 tonight. Should be a good one.

And then I might go home to bed.

I love my job. Honest

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  1. seraphimsigrist


    Having served as a missionary in Asia(Japan)
    and known missionaries who worked in Singapore etc.
    am interested in and adding your journal to my friends list,
    drop by mine and add in turn if it seems, or not
    contrariwise as tweedledum would say and in every case
    +Seraphim Joseph Sigrist.

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