light relief

This magnificent ad is currently screening here in Oz.

Don’t think for a second that means I’ll be letting my little girl jump in any car with a surfer….

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  1. yechezkiel

    I like how they pronounce all the letters in “Hyundai” like normal, while Americans tend to not do so. The differences in how Americans (and, to some extent, Canadians) and Australians/Brits/New Zealanders tend to pronounce forigen words interests me. The former tend to imitate, but butcher, native pronunciation, while Brits especially just bullheadly pronounce the word like it is English. (The BBC is the worst offender, here!)

  2. Anonymous

    hyundai ad

    Love the ad, David!

    I’m glad you enjoyed ryan’s presentation of Hebrews 8 and 9

    David McKay

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