Australia Day – on the benefits of Australia

So, today is Australia Day – the day when way back when some British guy landed on this HUGE island and decided it would be a great place for a prison colony.

In honour of our current home I think it might be good to start a new mini-series; “on the benefits of Australia” – all the good things Australia have given us.

Here’s 2.

The Harbour Bridge

The Harbour Bridge is stunning. Who doesn’t love it? I’m particularly keen on it at the moment after my wonderful brother invited Jacqui and myself to do the Harbour Bridge Climb with him during his recent visit.

Here we are on the top.


John Farnham, Christian and songwriter.

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t think Johnny Farnham is a Cristian is he? Kiri TeKanawa refused to sing with him cos his antics were too lewd! – Peter Rodda

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