spontaneous combustion

no, not Bonnie Anderson, rather the countryside here in Australia. The temperature here in Sydney for the past few days has been around 37C (that’s around 100F for those reading in Ameriland).

Needless to say, at that level the Bush just starts to burn everywhere. Currently in Sydney a suburb in the north is in peril for that very reason.

The summer months are always difficult here for this very reason. Even the promise of a thunderstorm tonight is no help – 40,000 volts of electricity shooting down from the sky doesn’ t combine well with tinder-dry trees. The emphasis is on the tinder

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  1. detroitfather

    As I understand it, Bonnie is from the Diocese of Michigan. Hometown gal makes good. NOT!

  2. therealhopeful

    Wow, it kind of reminds me of Oklahoma in late summer.

    (Oh, it takes about 1000 volts to jump across about an inch of air.)

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