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sparklit (formerly SPCK) have announced their shortlist for Australian Christian Book of the Year 2015 to be announced at a Celebration Supper on August 13. Here’s the details on the 9 shortlisted books with embedded links to their respective websites.

[toggle title=”The Suburban Captivity of the Church | Tim Foster”]
0150x0150ShortListedSuburbanCaptivityThe Suburban Captivity of the Church

Tim Foster


[toggle title=”Captains of the Soul: A History of Australian Army Chaplains | Michael Gladwin”]


Captains of the Soul: A History of Australian Army Chaplains

Michael Gladwin

Big Sky Publishing [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Jonathan Edwards and the Church | Rhys Bezzant”]
0150x0150ShortListedEdwardsAndTheChurchJonathan Edwards and the Church

Rhys Bezzant

Oxford University Press


[toggle title=”Time Poor Soul Rich | Anne Winckel”]

0150x0150ShortListedTimePoorSoulRichTime Poor Soul Rich

Anne Winckel

Ark House Press


[toggle title=”A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible | John Dickson”]

0150x0150ShortListedDoubtersGuideA Doubter’s Guide to the Bible

John Dickson



[toggle title=”The Wisdom of Islam and the Foolishness of Christianity | Richard Shumack”]
0150x0150ShortListedWisdomOfIslamThe Wisdom of Islam and the Foolishness of Christianity

Richard Shumack

Island View Publishing


[toggle title=”What if? | Kristen Young”]

0150x0150ShortListedWhatIfWhat if?

Kristen Young



[toggle title=”Giving Generously | Rod Irvine”]

0150x0150ShortListedGivingGenerouslyGiving Generously

Rod Irvine

Barton Books


[toggle title=”The Gospel of the Lord | Michael Bird”]

The Gospel0150x0150ShortListedTheGospelOfTheLord1 of the Lord

Michael Bird



sparklit have kindly offered me review copies of these books. Any you’d like me to look at?

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  1. Tim Anderson

    I’ve read Jonathan Edwards and the church. It’s Rhys’ PhD Thesis and it’s a really heavy duty read. I found it helpful because Edwards was coming to grips with some of the same questions that I ask myself about the church. What does church membership look like once you move out of Christendom? Are the entrance requirements for Baptism and the Lord’s Supper equivalent? To what extent is the church called to be a sanctified group apart from the world and to what extent is it a prophetic voice in the world? Despite finding it a helpful read, I doubt it will gain a large readership until Rhys reworks the material for a more popular audience.

    I’d be interested to hear your take on “The suburban captivity of the church” and “The gospel of the Lord”


  2. Will

    I would second Tim Anderson’s request – those are precisely the two books I’d like to know more about!

  3. Andrew Reid

    I’ve just ordered Richard Schumack’s book on Kindle. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts or send you my thoughts when I’ve finished reading it.

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