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Rapture Safety cards prepare parishioners, airline-style
PINE BLUFF, Ark. — Last Days Bible Church has taken a novel step to prepare people for the Rapture: under each seat in the sanctuary is an airline-style safety card giving instructions for what to do when the Rapture takes place.
    “It’s a way of getting people’s attention,” says pastor Mark Eckers, who preaches often about the end times. “We are concerned about people’s Rapture preparedness.”
    Ushers hold up the Rapture Safety cards and give a complete safety demonstration before each service, even pointing out exit routes for people who are not taken by the Rapture.
    For believers, the cards depict various Rapture poses they may strike when the trumpet sounds: the flange pose, with both arms pointed down like a badminton birdie. Or the more popular Superman pose: one knee up, both arms held skyward.
    “When the Rapture happens we want saved and unsaved people alike to get through the experience safely,” says Eckers. “We’re especially concerned that no one get trampled, because, of course, the ushers will be gone.”

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