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6 comments on “It’s a girl!!! We think….

  1. I was right.

    Man I’m good at this…I’ve successfully predicted the sex of the last 5 babies I’ve been asked to guess 🙂


      • Very well, thanks.

        Very busy — at home (2 active offspring…), work (loads of C code to debug) and church (recently appointed as an elder, several tricky ongoing pastoral issues to manage) — but happy with the way things are going overall.


  2. Baby Girl

    Yes, or it could be a boy with very small tackle which the sonographer was unable to locate??????

    Best Wishes

    Andrew & Karen (Wetton)

  3. congrats!!

    wynne –
    yay!!! it’s a girl!!! so the world WILL advance when your little bundle of joy is born hehe =) gosh now the shopping for baby things will be so much more fun! congrats again!!!

    anyways wanted to tell you also that i won’t be able to make it to your farewell next sat! my best friend just told me her wedding rehearsal is right smack at 3pm on that very day. and i can’t miss it cuz i’m her co-ordinator. bummer…. =(

    so r u guys coming for bible study nxt week?

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