silence from David

you may well have noticed that it’s been pretty quiet here in David-land recently. Now I will tell you why.

1 I just finished exams last Thursday. That was knackering.
2 We are in the middle of moving house so most of my other time has been spent lifting boxes.
3 On top of all that my wireless card on my laptop have gone all spazzy so I’m limited to a bit of short internet time on our desktop. Thankfully Padre Mozz is giving me a spare card.
4 I’m preaching Daniel 12 on Sunday and have yet to complete the sermon. Actually, to be honest, I have yet to completely understand Daniel 12.
5 Our broadband connection will be terminating with the move and I’ll have to set something new up. We’re probably joining a wireless cabal at our new place (oasis of love 2 on the college campus).
6 Had my annual ordination review-type-meeting this morning which also required me writing a brief report.

So, it’s all very busy here. However, you can help me with one thing. With the loss of the broadband I’ll be losing webspace. I’d really appreciate suggestions of hosting companies. It’s about time or similar was launched. All advice gratefully received.

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  1. h1s_songb1rd

    I have noticed, and you’ve been missed!

    1. you’re famous.
    2. Exciting!
    3. Yay, for the new card.
    4. I pray that God gives you wisdom as you study this.
    5. So that’ll be set up right away? Or will you need to wait?
    6. You have been massivly busy.

    I’m sorry I have no web advice. Looking forward to your more steady return. Blessings!

    1. David Ould


      btw, i’m not really famous if no-one knows it’s me… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Anonymous

    hey, do you reckon that the wireless network will reach my new place? and if so, how do i join? could you poss email me?

    1. Anonymous

      no, i don’t think it’s going to reach anywhere near that far!!!!!

      1. Anonymous

        hi anoneemouse
        How do you know where I am moving to? hey!? ๐Ÿ™‚


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