What future has the Anglican Church of Australia? ACR Article

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The Australian Church Record has posted a longer article from me setting out my best crystal ball inspired prediction of how our crisis will play out.

The future is still somewhat uncertain although I will venture to suggest what it might look like. I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet but in 20 years of reporting on these events I have seen little new under the sun in the Anglican Communion when it comes to the progress of theological liberalism. With that background I want to suggest the next few months will look like this…

“What will it look like?” I hear you say. Go find out.

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  1. Sam Doherty

    I would say that the consecration of women probably came about due to Harry Goodhew receiving bad legal advice on the Constitution Alteration (Canonical Fitness) Canon 1989 (which Donald Robinson had previously vetoed).
    Secondly while the current primate and special tribunal are unlikely to take action against revisionist bishops, is it not possible that a future primate and special tribunal could do so?

    1. Greg Colby

      revisionist bishops? You’re referring to ++Glenn and his boundary hopping consecrations, surely?

  2. Greg Colby

    Of course there won’t be a schism – Sydney Evangelicals want let fo of their property or power – so of course in that respect they’re being very Christ like. ++Glenn, and you yourself love to make big of those of us who err on the side of inclusivity, acceptance and love, that we are going against the rules of our own churches governances and yet you have no problems in doing so yourselves in participating in a sham of a consecration ceremony which crosses all sorts of boundaries – physical and spiritual. Double standards – your stance is bizarre in the extreme.

    1. Sam Doherty

      Where abouts in The Bible, 39 articles, Book of Common Prayer or constitution does it say they can’t take place in the consecration?

    2. David Ould

      I fear you are very confused, Greg.
      First, “revisionist” are those who want to change the doctrine of the Anglican Church of Australia despite the repeated clarifications from General Synod and the agreements that they themselves entered into. You don’t need to look anywhere near as far as Sydney to identify them.
      Second, you are ignorant as to the situation with property. The Diocese of Sydney could leave the Anglican Church of Australia tomorrow and retain full legal rights to their property. The national General Synod has zero claims upon any assets in any diocese.
      Finally, when the consecrators are those who represent the vast majority of the Anglican Communion and when the actions are required because the entity claiming to represent authentic Anglicanism in that place has walked away from Christian truth then the consecration is entirely necessary. You can stick whatever label you want to on it, the fact that you’re here talking about it shows us that you really see that it’s a very real thing and it’s not going away. Perhaps one day there’ll be a bishop consecrated in Australia for exactly the same reasons – when a diocese thinks it can make up doctrine on marriage or another topic as it goes along and ends up doing something that is clearly against the teaching of Christ and the doctrine of the church. I’m sure they will howl when the orthodox establish good order there too.

  3. Neil Payne

    How about giving the laity a say about same SEX MARRIAGE ”
    MAYBE a straw vote to know the thoughts of all

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