Newcastle Synod Meets. Change in Marriage Top of the Agenda

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The synod of the Diocese of Newcastle meets today and tomorrow.

The revised business paper is available online [pdf]. Most notably the synod will be asked to approve 2 private bills. The first (12.1), proposed by the Dean of the Cathedral, removes any disciplinary consequences for clergy in a same-sex marriage . The second (12.2) is a replica of the Wangaratta bill to allow a blessing for those in a same-sex marriage.

Both bills effectively change the doctrine of marriage in the Diocese of Newcastle, declaring that it is not just between a man and a woman but also between those of the same sex.

The business paper also contains a number of questions (8.4) asking for clarification about the relationship between these bills and national church disciplinary ordinances. In effect they question whether it is possible for a diocesan decision to remove the priority of a national disciplinary position. expects both bills to pass, but not without clear opposition from conservatives in the diocese. No matter what answer is given to the questions, we expect to see them submitted in a similar form to the Appellate Tribunal.

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  1. Johannes Master

    Millstone bills.

  2. Robert Bruce

    Now we see another apostate bishop turning from his consecration vows and trying to lead his flock in a β€œprogressive” direction away from the teachings of Jesus. The question is whether his flock will follow him. Some probably will but then his flock will be only of goats. The sheep will still follow the Lord.

  3. Teddy

    Motion passed RIP Newcastle

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