Inclusive Church Chair Hosts Sea of Faith Conference

Well now here's a shocker.

St John's with St. Andrews, Waterloo, London are hosting the upcoming Sea of Faith London Conference. The Sea of Faith are an organisation who describe themselves as

“Exploring and promoting religious faith as a human creation…”

More specifically,

We want to demonstrate that, for all religious traditions, the humanist agenda — of love between people making a better world of justice and peace — must be primary. All else is the fabric of mythology, ritual and ethics for incarnating this ideal. There is great value in having a concept, or concepts of God, but that's what they are — human concepts. There is great danger in objectifying our God-concept into a supernatural Being.

So, basically, just the denial of God in any clear objective sense. Now, on one level this shouldn't surprise – theological liberals have been spouting this nonsense for years (and the Church establishment/hierarchy has done little to deal with it). But do note who the Priest in Charge at St. John's is,

Priest in charge Canon Giles Goddard Giles is Chair of Inclusive Church and an Honorary Canon of Southwark Cathedral. His book, Space for Grace – creating inclusive churches – was published by Canterbury Press in November 2008. He set up InSpire, a centre for learning, arts and community at St Peter's, Walworth, and has degrees in theology from Cambridge University and King's College London. Before ordination he was Director of a housing association in South London.

Charles Goddard. Chair of Inclusive Church, an organisation committed to the usual stuff – women bishops, acceptance of homosexual behaviour etc. And what a surprise. The chair of a liberal body in the Church that would present itself as following orthodox Christianity hosts an organisation that denies that there really even is such a thing as God.

Who would have thought it?

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