Southwark Diocese: Muslim Prayer Service at St John’s Waterloo

Southwark Diocese is already lurching towards conflict between the bishop, Christopher Chessun, and a large group of orthodox clergy and laity. This isn’t going to help.

St John’s Waterloo, already with a reputation for hosting blessings of those involved in “gay marriage” has pushed the envelope out further by having a full Muslim prayer service onsite, including a clear endorsement at the end by the incumbent, Giles Goddard.

The “Inclusive Jummah” was held in partnership with the Inclusive Mosque Initiative who describe it in this way:

The Inclusive Mosque Initiative invites you to join us on March 6th 2015 for an inclusive jummah salah led by Dr. Amina Wadud at St. Johns Church Waterloo.The jummah takes place in the run up to International Women’s Day and marks the contribution of Dr. Amina Wadud who has been formidable in her stance for gender justice in Islam.

Why is this happening in a Church?
We have been generously offered this spiritual space by the Reverend Giles Goddard, Vicar of St John’s church. The entire earth is a place of prayer and this event marks not only our commitment to gender justice and accessibility but also our commitment to interfaith (and intrafaith) connectivity.

I’m not Muslim can I join the prayer?
Muslims of all denominations are welcome to pray with us, and peoples of all faiths and none. Children, toddlers and babies are also welcome and have free reign to climb on adults during prayer.

Have a look for yourself…

I think it’s fair to say that this will not go down well for many. For starters it’s a clear breach of Church of England Canon Law.

Watch this space. I understand a formal complaint is going to be made, perhaps even a clergy discipline complaint. We’ll try to keep you updated.

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  1. James Archbold

    Very encouraged by St John's Waterloo initiative to bring together these two faith communities .Thankyou for posting this on your site<3

  2. David Ould

    Oh Ron, you're hilarious. I'm trying to do exactly the same thing that you try to do when you blog about the things that interest you.
    I'm intrigued that you think hosting this Jummah was a "Gospel initiative". How many people got converted? Who was actually told about Jesus? Why did the church cover up all the stations of the Cross for the service? If that's your idea of "gospel" then you'll understand why others disagree.

    keep blogging away Ronnie. Just don't have the hypocrisy of complaining when others do the same thing that you do.

  3. Ronnie Smith

    What is a conservative evangelical Sydney 'minister' (ordained all of 6 years) doing, trying to adversely influence the Gospel initiatives of the Church of England? Does he not have enough trouble in his own Australian Diocese, with the problems of Macho Headship and the prospect of Lay-Presidency at the Eucharist?

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