update: Susan Russell won’t be doing any listening…

Susan Russell, who posted up a picture of monkeys dressed as Bishops in an obvious reference to Global South Primates and is a champion of the liberal wing of the Episcopal Church seems to want one way of doing things for herself, and another for everyone else.

Naturally, her post caused some reaction. But, rather than “listen” (remember, the liberals keep telling us that’s what we always need to be doing to those that we disagree with) to those objections she has now closed off the post with this final comment:

At 8:41 AM, revsusan said…

Several more comments have been submitted on this thread repeating the same concerns I believe I’ve already addressed — everything from “not funny” to disrespectful to racist. They have been duly “moderated.”

Again, I applaud Archbishop Ndungane’s wit in poking fun at his fellow primates who are — in my mind and evidently in his — making monkeys out of themselves and I think the picture is worth a thousand words.

PS — Here endeth the commentary on this post.

Apparently she had already “addressed our concerns”.
As I noted earlier, my final comment never got published. I suspect it’s because it actually got to the heart of the matter. Here’s what I submitted (twice) and Susan thinks she has “addressed”.

+Ndungane may have done so [said the Primates were “monkeying around”], but you don’t have him in your sights, do you?

honestly, now. You have people like Akinola in mind, don’t you? So you are not “laughing at yourself” but you’re laughing at someone else.

Furthermore, you’re using imagery that is incredibly offensive to many black people. At least it was to those black people that I have worked with – those that you know may differ.

It’s slowly dawning on me that perhaps Russell genuinely does think she’s addressed these issues. That could be, of course, because the liberal wing of Christianity are as competent in exegeting the comments of those that respond to them as they are in exegesis of the Bible.

“Listening?” who are they kidding?

And, we simply must keep asking – what makes it acceptable for anyone to portray any black man, Archbishop or otherwise, as a monkey? It’s outrageous. Russell should be thoroughly ashamed.

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