Two Australian Dioceses Prepare to Elect a New Bishop

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2 mainly rural Anglican dioceses in Australia are currently going through the process of selecting a new bishop.

The Diocese of Bunbury, in the south of Western Australia, is currently in the process of gathering nominations. Their process is a typical variant of many in Australia. There is a nomination committee (6 clerical and 6 lay members of synod elected) that must nominate 3-6 candidates. Members of synod are invited to suggest names. An election synod is held on March 16 & 17 where there are rounds of voting. A candidate can only be elected when they receive 2/3 of the votes of both houses (clergy and lay). understands that the nomination committee has begun to receive names, including one very intriguing potential candidate. We’ll seek to confirm that name when we can.

On the other side of the country the Diocese of Grafton meets in a “discernment synod” this coming weekend to elect their own nomination committee. The position has become vacant upon the recent resignation of Dr Sarah Macneil.

Two other dioceses, Canberra-Goulburn and Gippsland, will also soon be going through the same process. At this time we don’t have any more details.

We have no doubt all these dioceses will value your prayers.

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