Tough Decisions in Bathurst Diocese

The financial pressures for the Diocese of Bathurst are coming to a head. A pastoral letter from the bishop issued on Saturday sets out all the details.

Do pray for the diocese and Bishop Palmer at this difficult time.

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  1. Andrew Reid

    I haven’t kept up with the details of this story but is there still legal action by the bank to recover their loan or has that been settled?

    1. David Ould

      still awaiting a settlement, Andrew.

  2. MichaelA

    This is a major development. Does this mean they are going to sell Bishopcourt?

    My wife and I visited Lincoln in England earlier this year. The Bishop’s house has been turned into a guest house which I understand is still held by a trust for the church. Its not a bad option – it means that the maintenance of the grand old building is assured, the church still owns the building, plus its right next to the Cathedral, which is an amazing building in itself and also the seat of Robert Grosseteste who was one of the premier theologians and scientists of the High Middle Ages. Perhaps that’s an option for Dio Bathurst?

    1. David Ould

      I understand that pretty much every building, let alone the Bishop’s house, is under consideration for a settlement.

  3. Bruce Lyon

    I imagine the Bank will seek to liquidate the property to reduce its debt exposure, if at all possible. Terribly painful for all concerned. Perhaps this is preparing the ground for the see itself to become re-amalgamated / re-incorporporated with another Diocese and the current Bishop to become a Sufferage / Assistant ?

  4. Andrew Reid

    Bruce, would there not be issues with another diocese becoming liable for Bathurst’s debts if there was some kind of amalgamation or re-organisation of the diocese? Wouldn’t any other diocese want to see a legal settlement first before undertaking any kind of amalgamation/re-org? Indeed a very difficult and sad situation which I understand is not of the current diocesan leadership’s making.

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