TOGCoN III – Protestify

Video says it all. This is going to be a great day conference. For more details check out the information page.

This year sees 4 workshop strands:

Strand 1 – Sex, Gender, and Identity – Patricia and Kamal Weerakoon

Patricia and Kamal Weerakoon will be seeking to help ministry leaders understand the current societal shift in gender and sex. Providing the underpinning framework as well as the current scientific data available. They will both then help assist the audience approach the issue in a way which is theologically robust.

Strand 2 – Discipleship – Craig Glassock (Vinegrowers)

We’re all called to make disciples, and Craig Glassock, of Vinegrowers, will help ministry leaders look at how they could be more effective in creating a culture of disciple making within the church and help train up the next generation.

Strand 3 – Protestant: The Bible in the hands of every woman – Michelle Philp (T2Women)

Word based ministries are often elusive for women in our churches as many lack the confidence to just open the Bible with another women and let God’s Word speak. Many prefer to just run events or help out ‘behind the scenes’. This seminar is for senior ministers, women’s ministry leaders, and others who want to help everyday women gain that confidence in the Word so they can truly disciple one another.

Strand 4 – Speaking the Gospel in Pastoral Care – Kurt Peters (Biblical Counselling Australia)

Pastoral care should be Gospel-orientated, but it is more than simply quoting scripture. Kurt Peters, of Biblical Counselling Australia, will help listeners understand what “teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom” could look like.

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