time with the saints…

Spent a wonderful day preaching at Cornerstone Presbyterian, here in Sydney. I preached Gen 22 at both their main service in Concord and then razzed up the road to their church plant in Eastwood – after which we joined them for a picnic lunch.

Great to meet Christians from other congregations, with different backgrounds and issues that they are confronting and yet a clear unity in the Lord. Even better for an Anglican to work with the Presbies!

As I was being interviewed, their pastor CS asked me, “so what’s the difference between Anglicans and Presbyterians?”

I answered, “as best as I can tell, we have bishops in pointy hats”.

To which he replied, quick as you like, “oh, don’t worry – we have people who act like they’re bishops!”

If you live in Sydney and want to look at a church with a distinctive Asian flavour then check them out. They have a fantastic Youth group too

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